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Review of the Polish Pharmacoeconomic Society activities’ 2/2016


Review of the Polish Pharmacoeconomical Society activities in 2nd half of 2016.
  Keywords: activities, pharmacoeconomic

The Polish Pharmacoeconomic Society organized the 14th International Pharmacoeconomic Conference where the main subject was how to effectively invest in the coordinated medical care. The conference took place in Warsaw on 1st-2nd December 2016.


The Moderator for the session was professor Karina Jahnz – Różyk and together with the invited speakers discussed the topics related to the coordinated care in pregnancy and chronic diseases such as multiple sclerosis. An important related topic included in the discussion was the patients’ journey monitoring through the health care and the health distribution models. 

Joanna Lis and prof. Maciej Niewada chaired the session dedicated to drug policy issues with a special participation of Krzysztof  Łanda from the Ministry of Health.

The discussion was about how to improve access to medicines in Poland and the example of the new project about free drugs for elderly people was shared. The  Ministry of Health presented the information about the planned changes in the drug policy and the development of the reimbursement model. Some time was dedicated for discussion about the  amendment of the Reimbursement Act.

The session dedicated to the specificity of assessment of medical devices was moderated by Jacek Wcisło and Paweł Petryszyn. Krzysztof Łanda shared the Ministry of Health vision regarding medical devices followed by a presentation of planned legal changes in relation to medical devices.

There was also a discussion about the new financing mechanisms for medical devices with special attention paid to the quality criteria of public tenders, risk-sharing agreements for medical devices and the HTA guidance for medical devices. To ensure a complete picture the perspective from the applicants regarding the strategic aspects for the new decision making for medical devices was presented.

Katarzyna Kolasa moderated the session dedicated to e-health were the main question was if the e-Health system helps/supports/facilitates reimbursement decisions. Some other countries’ experience and Polish reality were discussed including registries, e-prescriptions and other legal issues.

Professor Elżbieta Nowakowska lead the session about HTA guidelines and their update performed in 2016 in cooperation with AOTMiT while Anna Zawada and Michał Jakubczyk chaired the session about good HTA practices.

The conference ended with the presentation of original projects.


2016 was very active for the Society. The Drug Programs, Pharmaceutical Care and Pharmaceutical Law section finalized the work on the Pricing and Reimbursement Dictionary which was edited for the 14th International Pharmacoeconomic Conference with Polish ISPOR Chapter support.


The Health Related Quality of Life Section worked on the QoL lexicon and plans to continue the activity in 2017.  

In June 2016 the Polish  Pharmacoeconomic Society supported the conference “Quality of life and non-drug technologies in medicine” organized by the Medical University in Wrocław.

The day before the 14th International Pharmacoeconomic Conference, at the General Meeting the Polish Pharmacoeconomical Society new Board elections took place.  

The new Board will be in place for the period December 2016 - December 2020 and consists of:

Maciej Niewada- President

Joanna Lis – Subsiding President

Marcin Czech - President elect

 Michał Jachimowicz - Secretary

Anna Staniszewska - Treasurer

Karina Jahnz-Różyk – Board Member