Polish Pharmacoeconomic Society activities’ review 1/2015


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Monika Szkultecka-Debek
Roche Polska Sp. z o.o.
contributed: 2015-09-02
final review: 2015-09-02
published: 2015-09-02

Polish Pharmacoeconomic Society activities’ review 1/2015

Keywords: pharmacoeconomics

The Polish Pharmacoeconomic Society, as in previous year, cooperated with the Journal of Health Policy and Outcomes Research (JHPOR) and supported the organization of the 2nd Scientific Conference dedicated to "Patients Registries - the role of the health system, new trends and hopes for Polish patients". The conference took place in Warsaw on 19th March 2015 and the President of the Scientific and Organizing Committee, prof. Karina Jahnz-Różyk opened the discussion followed by presentations of clinical experts from different therapeutic areas who shared their experience with disease registries.

There was a special session with Ministry of Health, HTA Agency (AOTM) and National Health Fund representatives participation. The invited guests discussed not only the current experience but also the existing challenges for RWD use and registries implementation in Poland.

The conference ended with an interesting interdisciplinary panel discussion where  some of that challenges have been addressed and also the real world data needs in Poland have been discussed. Among other there were questions about the benefit for patients from collecting RWD, potential impact of the generated evidence on the health system and the therapeutic standards and drug policy. Some data already exists but do we really use it to improve the functioning of health care in Poland? How can we obtain more benefits from registries? Not all databases are registries however when collecting individual patient data there are legal aspects to be fulfilled, e.g. related to privacy of data and patient consent. Are we legally prepared for the wide registries implementation? What is the best way to successfully implement registries?

The conference will be followed by the postulate of the "seven milestones", presenting recommendations for the role of Patient Registries functioning in Poland.

Recent news from the Polish Pharmacoeconomic Society sections are that they started 2015 with new ideas and in addition to keep working on ongoing projects some new activities have been initiated.

The Therapeutic Programs, Pharmaceutical Care and Pharmaceutical Law Section (TPPCPL) continue to analyze adverse events costs based on therapeutic programs examples and in parallel started working on a pricing lexicon with the aim to explain pricing related terms in Polish language.

The Quality of Life Section having successfully edited English-Polish/Polish-English QoL Dictionary, started working on a QoL lexicon to provide more detailed explanation to QoL terms in Polish.


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